Recordings will be sent to you as MP3s via email when you order by PayPal.

For new song arrangements, please contact me to make the arrangements. You need to purchase a legal copy of the arrangement, and a copy of this can be sent to me by mail, or - better still - scan the document and send a pdf to me by email.

All orders can include any of the following mix options, as you prefer:

Balanced Mix - This track consists of a properly balanced mix of all parts blended together, which will give you an excellent feel for the overall direction and interpretation of the music.

Left Mix - The selected voice part is placed on the Left Channel, and the other parts are placed on the Right Channel. This is designed specifically so that when you are listening in the car, your part will be on the driver's side! (I'm happy to switch this around for those of you in the UK, Australia and NZ!) By adjusting the Left/Right levels, you can choose how much or how little of your own part you listen to.

Selected Part Predominant - The selected voice part is recorded at a higher volume, making it easy to pick out, while still retaining an enjoyable level of the other vocal parts.

Part Removed - The selected voice part is removed completely from the mix, so the listener can test their skill, and sing along as if you've been joined by the rest of your group!