This site is designed to help anyone working on learning vocal harmonies. The learning tracks available here will help your chorus, quartet or choir members to learn music much faster and more effectively than ever before. I will work with you to develop new learning tracks for any song you wish, and develop an interpretation of the music based on your input.

Most of the music you will find on this site is based on 4-part Barbershop style, but I will happily record vocal tracks for any style of music, including jazz, gospel and classical a cappella. I'm pleased to announce that I recently made a sample of ALL my recordings available on the Songs page to make your song selection easier, and hopefully more enjoyable as well!

Thanks for checking out my site, and I hope to work together with you to produce some beautiful music! Feel free to download and enjoy 125 Free Tags!

My name is Daniel Gillis, and I have been singing for over 30 years! My career started as a boy chorister, where I learned to sight-read. I was introduced to barbershop singing in 1983 by Fred Christmas, a family friend and a previous director of the Hamilton Chorus.

I completed my studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music for Voice and Piano, and began my professional singing career in Victoria, British Columbia as tenor soloist for the choir of St John the Divine.

My first chorus experience within the barbershop community was as a tenor with the Plymouth Pilgrimaires in Devon, UK in 1990. The next year I sang with The City of Lakes Chorus in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Continuing my singing career in Ottawa, Ontario I have been tenor soloist in various churches and cathedrals. In 2002, I began singing as a classical counter-tenor, and since then I have sung in both ranges. For example, I have sung as both tenor and counter-tenor soloist in Handel's Messiah.

I have been fortunate to sing as soloist with a number of excellent choirs, including Musica Divina, 17 Voyces, The Bach Choir, Cantata Singers and St Matthew's Choir. I have also been able to continue my acting career with leading tenor roles in 5 G&S Operas, 2 Shakespeare plays, Hair the Musical, and Grease.

I have been in several a cappella groups, including the Acafellas (doo-wop), SAIJ (boy-band), Quintessence (jazz), and more recently Strike Four! which won the Novice Quartet trophy in 2005 and Common Interest, which won the Ontario District Championship in 2007! I sang with the Capital City Chorus for several years as a tenor, and was the lead section leader for the last year before I left Ottawa. I currently live in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, in northern Canada.